Smith’s Conservative Ratings

Various organizations rate our elected representatives on how conservative or liberal they have been during their tenure in office.  One such organization gives Lamar Smith a favorable conservative rating.

Others disagree.

Scores -  Comparison email

Lamar Smith says he is a conservative because WE are conservatives.  Is he? Conservative Review doesn’t think so:

Scores - Conservative Review email

Fiscal policy isn’t nearly as popular as the border as a campaign topic, but America is $20 trillion in debt, and Lamar Smith has voted to raise the debt ceiling 17 times! Meanwhile, for even the issues we’re most passionate about–like the border and abortion–we have no results after Smith’s 30-year tenure in Congress.Scores - Freedomworks emailLamar Smith is not Ted Cruz.  He’s a member of the Washington Cartel. He’s been in bed with big government and special interests his entire career at the expense of results for our values, and his scorecards from Conservative Review, Heritage Action, and FreedomWorks reflect this.

Scores - Heritage Action for America 2 emailHow can he say he is against Obamacare and then vote for John Boehner for Speaker of the House?  How can he say he is for sealing the border but vote for Paul Ryan for Speaker?  How can he say he is for term limits—-but stay in office 30 years??  This is fraud theater.

We have an option.  We can get back to freedom, opportunity, and growth by getting back to our Constitution.  All of it.  But it won’t be with the career politicians who gave us this mess.