The Border, Nationhood, and the Will to Act

Results are achievable when you have the will to act. There are over 700 dead Americans buried in Mexico City. They fought and died for our border. It’s time our politicians fought as well.

The State of America

All the fundamentals are under attack in today’s America.  Our country is in crisis, and it is a crisis of leadership.  We can restore America, but it means getting back to our Constitution.

Why I’m Running

It is time that citizens run for office.  Professional politicians like our current 30-year incumbent go to Washington and forget who they work for–the people–and instead vote special interests and for their own Perks, Power, and Prestige. My interests are simple. My interests are my children and yours and leaving them a better place, not this mess and a bunch of excuses.

The Border

Texans have had it with broken promises from Washington.  The border must be sealed immediately.  When Lamar Smith went to D.C. 30 years ago, we had 3 million illegal aliens in our country.  We now have 13 million.  It’s time for results on the border.

Does it mean something to be a nation or not?  Does it mean something to be a citizen or not?  It does mean something.  We must seal our border, get Americans back to work, and get back to a place where citizenship and nationhood have value.

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is in our Constitution to protect us from the tyranny of government, and it is also there to allow us to protect ourselves from criminals. Mankind does not change. Human nature remains the same as so do the timeless principles of our Constitution.

100% Pro-Life

Abortion is wrong. I want to get rid of it completely. Science, logic, and common sense are on the side of Life. On the abortionists’ side is a belief that it is ok to kill the unborn. Let’s fight for Life.

The Debt

The debt is financial slavery for our children.  It represents a crisis of leadership in Washington D.C.  Rather than make difficult decisions, professional politicians like Lamar Smith have voted time and again to raise the debt ceiling and spend money that we don’t have.  How long can this continue?  It can be solved, but it means growing the economy through freedom and opportunity by killing job-killing regulation.  The only other alternatives are going to be intense taxation or intense austerity.

Foreign Policy

Nations have interests.  When we forget that we are a nation, or when we forget that as a nation we have interests, we end up with our current international situation.  We have zero coherent leadership or forethought from the current administration for securing our interests overseas.  Putin is FOR Russia.  Our problem in America is that our guy isn’t for us.

The solution is that we start behaving as a nation with interests.  We secure our future and our children’s future through strength.  We must back up our words with action–not inaction–and we must strengthen our military to the purpose.  Let’s get to a place where we sync our values, interests, and actions, and have forethought toward the question, “What are our interests there?”

On Declaring War

Enough half-measures.  We need to be all in… or all out.  In American history, every time Congress has declared war, we have won decisively.  Every other military action has had mixed results.  If our nation is not all in, how can we expect the men and women of our military to be as well?

The Military

We have the greatest military in the history of the world, and we’re going to keep it that way. Whatever we decide the mission of the military is, we must fully support it and we must fully fund it.


Our healthcare system is a mess.  Neither the economic systems of socialism or fascism have worked anywhere they’ve been tried, including here.  We must repeal Obamacare and replace it with a market-based system that will drive innovation and quality up and costs down.


Capitalism raised a billion people out of poverty in the last decade.  Not a million–a billion.  It works, and we have to end this nonsense of insisting on equal results rather than promoting equal opportunity.  Work is hard.  Work is also a blessing, and in the land of the free and the home of the brave, men and women seize opportunity and run with it, creating jobs for others in the process.  We have to stop punishing them for success.  Let’s incentivize job growth rather than incentivizing job exportation, and let’s end job-killing regulation and recapitalize small business.

On Taxes

Americans are taxed on more levels than we realize. Taxes to fund government are necessary, but it is also necessary to realize what we’re spending and what it means. We need to discuss how much of our freedom we the people are willing to give to the government, because that’s what taxes are.