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Our country is in crisis due to an overreaching executive, an out of control judiciary, and an impotent congress. We need Constitutional men and women of action – citizens, not professional politicians – to change the tide through Congress. It is time to fight.

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Matt McCall on Adam McManus

Matt McCall on the Adam McManus show.  Great interview.  Why are two Republicans running against each other?  Is there a difference?  Why Matt is running, the major differences between Matt and Lamar Smith, and a vision for the future of the Republican party.   Share this:



By popular request, these are my 5 second radio advertisements currently playing on 1200 WOAI San Antonio and 1230 KERV in Kerrville.  Sometimes less is more.  Click on “continue reading” to listen.   A Conservative EPA Where We Headed? Is it Working? From Boerne Our Speaker Audit EVERYTHING The Incumbent… continue reading

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