Let’s Restore America

Our country is in crisis due to an overreaching executive, an out of control judiciary, and an impotent congress. We need Constitutional men and women of action – citizens, not professional politicians – to change the tide through Congress. It is time to fight.

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Scores - Conservative Review 20 copy

Smith’s Conservative Ratings

Lamar Smith says he is a conservative because WE are conservatives.  He likes to advertise a score given him by the ACU.  Every other conservative scorecard that is available rates him as barely in tune with our values.Do you like Ted Cruz?  Lamar Smith thinks you do, because he’s doing… continue reading


Weekly Roundup 1/31

This was a productive week for the campaign! Every morning we have been going to different locations throughout the district meeting with voters and discussing the issues of the day over coffee. It has been a productive time of sharing views and listening to the concerns of fellow Texans. Everyone’s… continue reading


Pastor Greg Interview

My interview with Pastor Greg Young in Kerrville.  Starts at the 35:00 mark. Philosophy, values, and what I learned last time around.  Please listen and enjoy!    


Weekly Roundup

This was an exciting week for the Matt McCall campaign! We received the endorsement of Central Texas Republican Assembly, the “Republican Wing of the Republican party.” It’s a core group of conservative movers and shakers based in Austin. Under the leadership of T.J. Scott and James Dickey before him, the… continue reading

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