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Our country is in crisis due to an overreaching executive, an out of control judiciary, and an impotent congress. We need Constitutional men and women of action – citizens, not professional politicians – to change the tide through Congress. It is time to fight.

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Matt McCall Registers for Ballot

Austin, TX – Congressional Candidate Matt McCall has filed paperwork with the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) to officially seek election to the United States House of Representatives in the 2016 March Republican Primary. “The choice is clear. We can have more of the same in Lamar Smith who at… continue reading


Lies, Damned Lies, and The Iron Skirt

Sonja Harris has decided to use her blog to inform readers about all the wonderful things she thinks Lamar Smith is doing for the country—and to malign my campaign and call me a liar in the process. She starts her latest blog by calling Smith, “irreplaceable.” That is an un-American… continue reading


Matt McCall on Adam McManus

Matt McCall on the Adam McManus show.  Great interview.  Why are two Republicans running against each other?  Is there a difference?  Why Matt is running, the major differences between Matt and Lamar Smith, and a vision for the future of the Republican party.  

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