In 30 years, America has gone from $2.2 trillion in debt to nearly $20 trillion in debt, from 3 million illegal aliens to 13 million illegal aliens, and we’ve had tens of millions of abortions.

After 30 years, which one of our values has been moved forward?

After 30 years in Congress, Lamar Smith is either a powerful, senior member of Congress, in which case he is responsible for the mess our country is in, or, after 30 years, he is merely one of 435 and is politically inept.  Either way, it is time to pass the torch.

While Smith has been in office, the debt has exploded from $2.2 trillion to nearly $20 trillion.  The Constitution says that the House of Representatives spends the money, and Smith has voted time and again to spend yours and your children’s to the point where, if we do not take drastic action to fix this, we will become Greece, with 25% unemployment, or Japan, with 20 years of grinding deflation.

Smith has not used his seniority or time in Congress to move our values forward.  The Smith campaign claims Lamar Smith has a lifetime conservative rating of 91%.  Only one conservative scorecard rates him at this level.  Conservative Review rates Smith at a 60% lifetime conservative score, Heritage Action has him at 70% lifetime rating, and Freedom Works 73%.  After 30 years in Congress, where are the results on the border, illegal immigration, abortion, or healthcare?  Results are not a stack of bills someone has voted for or co-sponsored; results are an actual sealed border.  Results are an actually defunded Planned Parenthood and a market-based healthcare system.


Smith voted for John Boehner to keep his speakership time and again against the wishes of his constituents.  It was only the guts of Mark Meadows to put forth a motion to vacate the chair that ended Boehner’s abysmal leadership.  Meadows was a sophomore in Congress when he put the motion forward.  You don’t need seniority to get things accomplished in the House, but you do need an ideological compass.

Smith voted to gut the Glass-Steagall Act and legalize financial gambling by big banks. Subsequently, he found it necessary to vote to bail out those banks even when 86% of the calls to his office from his constituents asked him not to.

With Debbie Wassermann Shultz and Rahm Emanuel, Lamar Smith co-sponsored HR2640, named the Veterans Disarmament Act by Gun Owners of America.  Among other things, it criminalizes gun ownership by anyone who has ever been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder and has had a financial fiduciary put in place.  It strips a class of citizens of their constitutional right without due process.  Smith is the only republican south of Delaware to co-sponsor the bill.

Lamar Smith’s signature legislation was SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act (co-sponsored by Debbie Wassermann Shultz), which would in effect have given the government free rein to censor any website it wanted to without due process.  The measure was killed in the Senate.

While chairman of judiciary committee, Smith had the opportunity to hold hearings on the Lois Lerner IRS Tea Party scandal before the 2012 election.  He only wrote a letter to the IRS instead.  His successor to the position in 2013 held hearings immediately, and the IRS intimidation of Tea Party groups became a national scandal, with 70% of Americans wanting a special prosecutor to investigate.  If he had used his seniority to fight, this one issue might have swung the election for Romney.  Also as chairman of the judiciary, Smith had the opportunity to prosecute Eric Holder.  He did nothing.

Neither as chairman of the judiciary nor as chairman of the science and technology committee has Smith held hearings on when human life begins.  This is important to the judiciary, because if life begins at conception, then that life deserves due process. It is relevant to science and technology for obvious reasons.  (Yet Smith found time to hold hearings on extra-terrestrial life.)

After 30 years, which one of our values has been moved forward?

The Republican party must get back to being the party of the Constitution, of freedom, opportunity, and growth in deed as well as in name.  This is the only way we will solve the mess our country is in.  One is either part of the problem or part of the solution.  A history of reckless spending and absent leadership does not qualify Lamar Smith to me as being part of the solution.