Why are YOU running?

I am running for United States Congress first and foremost because this is the passion the Lord has given me. In the sixth chapter of Amos, God is not pleased with those who sit idly on their couches and passively watch their country go to ruin. As a Christian, I’ve come to realize God’s charge to all of us is to be involved, and I am doing my part.

I am running for Congress because I’ve had enough. I believe in our country, I believe in the Constitution, and I’ve had enough of its destruction by professional politicians.

I am running for Congress because I’m certain our country can be fixed. It’s just a fight—nothing more, nothing less. They told us once that we couldn’t get rid of kings. In a few days, with pen and ink, our founding fathers did it. And then they fought for it. We can, for example, get rid of the IRS. It’s not impossible. It’s just a fight. But it is not going to be fixed by the people that gave us this mess, and it’s not going to be fixed by appeasing socialists on the other side of the isle.

And I’m running for Congress because I can win. I can unseat the incumbent just like David Brat unseated Eric Cantor. People are unseated all the time; it just takes dedication and work. Last time we got 34% of the vote which is double what anyone else had ever gotten against Lamar Smith, and I had never run for anything before in my life. We can and will do even better this time, and with your help, we will win.

Why aren’t you married?

We all have pain in our lives, and the pain of my life is my divorce.  I have two wonderful daughters from the relationship that are an amazing blessing from the Lord.

Why are you running against another Republican?

That’s what primaries are for. Different candidates from the same party run, and they fight for your vote. You get to decide who is going to best represent your values against the Democrats in November.

We need conservative, value-driven leadership in the House representing us, not a big-government Republican who tells us he is a conservative but then votes however he wishes. The legislature, under Republican rule, has ceded its powers to the executive branch, writing the outlines for laws and allowing the executive to write all the regulations. The legislature has also given up its power to the judiciary which rewrites legislation to its own philosophy. As Justice Scalia said, we are now ruled by a king and his court. So it is time for citizens, not professional politicians, to take office and fight for freedom and for our constitutional values.

Why are you running against Lamar Smith?

Lamar Smith has been in office for 30 years, and it’s time for him to pass the torch. While he has been in office, the debt has grown from $2.2 trillion to nearly $20 trillion. That’s nearly a 1000% increase. The Constitution says that the House of Representatives spends the money, and Smith has voted time and again to spend yours and your children’s to the point where, if we do not take drastic action to fix this, we will become Greece. Smith has voted for John Boehner to keep his speakership time and again against the wishes of his constituents. It’s his perks, power, and prestige instead of your values. He authored the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that would have led to complete control of the internet by the government. He co-authored HR2640 with Debbie Wasserman Schultz (known as the Veteran’s Disarmament Act) which, among other things, allows the government to take away your second amendment right to own a firearm if you have any record of posttraumatic stress disorder. And he has squandered his seniority. While chairman of judiciary committee, he had the opportunity to hold hearings on the Lois Lerner IRS scandal before the 2012 election. He only wrote a letter to the IRS instead. Smith had the opportunity to prosecute Eric Holder. He did nothing. If he had used his seniority and his position of power, we might have a different President right now. As my mother said, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. A history of reckless spending and absent leadership does not qualify him to me as being part of the solution.

What are you going to do differently?

I’m going to vote our values. I’m going to remain conservative. I will be a leader. I intend to tell the Speaker of the House what I want him to do rather than falling in line over what he wants done. And I will not stay in office 30 years. My intention is to quit after six years and go home. I would consider staying for eight years if there is no true constitutional conservative to take my place, but after that, I’m done! I will be 61 years old at that point, and I would like to return to the world of business while I still have time to be productive.

How do we know you won’t just turn out the same?

Many politicians promise their constituents one thing and then vote the opposite. But when Ted Cruz goes to Washington, you still get Ted Cruz. When Louie Gohmert goes to Washington, you still get Louie Gohmert. David Brat is still David Brat. And when you send Matt McCall, you will get Matt McCall for the duration of my time in Congress.  Part of the problem in the 21st district is we’ve been sending the same guy for 30 years and he’s turned out the same each time! It’s the establishment of both parties that have given us this mess, and it’s time for citizen legislators who will vote their constituents’ values to take office.

What’s different from last time?

Last time I started off with just me. This time we’re starting off with 23,000 votes and 34% of the electorate. Last time, many people thought you couldn’t unseat an incumbent; this time people remember Eric Cantor. I have a team, name recognition, and the ability to build on what was previously accomplished as opposed to a brand new start.

What makes you qualified?

I fulfill the requirements set forth in the Constitution, namely, that I am at least twenty-five years of age, have been a citizen of the United States for at least seven years, and am a resident of the State of Texas.

I answer in this way for a reason. It is time we reorient our relationship to our elected representatives—our employees—and stop treating them like demigods who own seats of unattainable power for the common man. Congress is meant to be a legislature made up of citizens, not a place for professional politicians only.

Are you in the Tea Party? Isn’t the Tea Party Extreme?

When people ask me this question, I usually ask them if they have ever been to a Tea Party meeting. The Tea Party meetings I go to are made up of ordinary citizens who want to balance the budget and get back to the Constitution. They are populated by citizens who are fed up with their elected representatives because their elected representatives have not voted the way they said they would. So yes, I am a member of the Tea Party. And no, I don’t believe the organization to be extreme. A recent poll of Republican primary voters in the 21st district revealed that 38% of Republican primary voters consider themselves, “Republican Republicans,” while 48% consider themselves, “Tea Party Republicans,” so the Tea Party is not only popular, it is mainstream.