Here’s where I stand

I am a Christian, a father, a business owner, and a Texan. I believe in freedom, opportunity, and growth for America. I am conservative. I believe in the rule of law, that nationhood and citizenship mean something, and that we must seal the border and end the scourge of illegal immigration into our country. I am 100% pro-life. Human life is sacred, especially the innocent life of an unborn child, and it is our duty to protect it. I am 100% pro-2nd Amendment. We need to expand gun rights, not simply protect them. And I am a Constitutionalist. The Constitution gives us the tools to rein in the federal government and return power to Texas and her people.

Growing up

My parents raised me to know and love the Lord at a young age. I was the youngest of six, and while my older brothers felt called to Bible school and the ministry, I felt called to the world of business. That dye was cast at a young age. At five I was watching the nightly news with neighbors, and in high school I was discussing the Wall Street Journal with my Dad and his friends at breakfast. I ended up studying business and economics at Westmont College in California.

While in college, I got the chance to travel to the Soviet Union. It was a life-changing experience to see the income disparity that communism created. In Russia, there were millionaires and billionaires, and everyone else was dirt poor. Dirt poor. My first real-world lesson in economics taught me that communism creates income disparity, not capitalism. After traveling to forty-five countries around the world, I can attest to the power that free markets have to improve and enrich lives.

Starting a business

After starting a family in 1996, I owned and operated several small businesses before entering the medical sales field in 1997. In 2004, I started a new business supplying surgical products to the United States Military hospitals in Europe and in Asia. My focus for the last fifteen years has been taking care of our servicemen and servicewomen and their dependents around the world, and I consider it a high privilege to have worked alongside our men and women in uniform.

My experience in business taught me important lessons. Fight with persistence to get results. Never spend more than you have. Citizens make the decisions that will best benefit their businesses and their families, not the federal government or the Democrat party. It’s time those lessons took hold in Washington D.C.

What we need in D.C.

Congress needs fighters to win the Trump agenda for America. It needs leaders with integrity to move America to financial solvency. And it needs men and women with Constitutional values to rein in the federal government and secure our rights and liberties so many have fought and died for.

I want to go to Congress to fight for the conservative values of the district that I have grown up in and love. Let’s restore America, for your children, for my daughters, and for the generations to come.  Please join in.

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