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Matt McCall is a Christian, a father, a small business owner, and a citizen.  He believes in freedom, opportunity, and growth through a much smaller federal government.  He also believes the Constitution is the way to get there, and that it can and should be a rallying point for like-minded Americans everywhere.  A lifetime of experience in business and travel has informed these beliefs.

Matt and his family came to know the Lord at a young age.  While Matt’s older brothers went on to be pastors, Matt felt his calling was in the world of business.  During high school, he used to go with his father to the local breakfast spot in Boerne and discuss the Wall Street Journal over coffee with other adults.  His passion for business and interest in the wider world flourished, and he attended college at Westmont in California, majoring in business and economics.

While at college, Matt travelled, taking advantage of an opportunity to visit Europe and the Soviet Union.  Gorbachev was in power, there were millionaires and billionaires, and everyone else was dirt poor.  Dirt poor.  Matt’s first real world lesson in economics taught him that communism created income disparity, not capitalism.  This lesson was cemented in his post college travels to forty-two countries around the world.

mccall in paris

Matt married in 1996 and has two beautiful daughters, Madeleine and Antoinette.  After starting a family, Matt owned several small businesses before entering the medical sales field in 1997.  In 2004, he started a new business supplying surgical products to the United States military hospitals in Europe.  Matt still does this, and he considers it a privilege to work alongside our men and women in uniform.

Matt’s political values come from experience.  His life and work have taught him several important lessons.  Never spend more than you have.  Allow the market and private business owners to adapt and make the decisions that best benefit them and their families.  Keep your customer’s interests in mind.  Washington politicians have spent way more of our money than they have.  They have manipulated markets through favoritism and special interests.  And they have forgotten to vote their constituents’ values.  This has to stop.

Matt believes in America and believes in the Constitution.  Congress was meant to be an equal branch of government and should not be ceding its power to the executive and judicial branches.  Congress has not lived up to the charge the founding fathers laid out in the Constitution, and it will take ordinary citizens—men and women of action, who are not professional politicians—to bring real conservative change that will save America from crushing debt and preserve our freedoms as stated in the 10th Amendment.  It is time to return power to Texas and her people, and Matt intends to do just that from Washington D.C.   Please join him.