Weekly Roundup. Early Voting!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. Last week I attended two candidate forums. The first was at Boerne High School and drew a great crowd! It was a privilege to speak to my neighbors at the high school I went to growing up. The second was at Bexar County GOP headquarters in San Antonio.

The incumbent declined to show at both events. At this point it is insulting to the party, the event organizers, and the attendees for him to not show. Would you hire someone who refused to show up for a job interview? How about refusing to show for three years?

I attended a dozen early morning coffees throughout the district, meeting voters and hearing their concerns. Texans are ready for change. It’s time to get back to the Constitution. All of it.

Go Vote early

Early Voting is upon us! We enter this phase of the election excited to see the results of our hard work. In 2014, we ran for office, and with a handful of volunteers and $120,000 we got 23,000 votes—34% of the voters in the CD21 Republican primary—doubling what anyone else had received against this incumbent in a primary.

In 2014, we knocked 5,000 doors, 800 of which were in Bexar County. This time we’ve knocked 50,000 doors in the district, and we’ve hit each of the 13,000 doors of interest in Bexar at least twice.

This is where it feels like we’re done, but the truth is this is the most important part of the campaign. Please volunteer to block walk, make phone calls, or represent us at one of the polling locations near you! It’s definitely not too late to help out, and we will be very grateful for your efforts!