Weekly Roundup

This was an exciting week for the Matt McCall campaign! We received the endorsement of Central Texas Republican Assembly, the “Republican Wing of the Republican party.” It’s a core group of conservative movers and shakers based in Austin. Under the leadership of T.J. Scott and James Dickey before him, the group has become a staple stopover for candidates and conservative speakers.

Matt will be attending the Fredricksburg Tea Party and Gillespie County Republican Women Candidates Forum Saturday the 23rd at the Hermann Sons Lodge in Fredricksburg. Candidates from CD21 and two state races will be in attendance. Please stop by and hear from your candidates!

kendall forum

Matt attended the Kendall County Republican Club’s candidate forum Tuesday night. In attendance were candidates for Kendall’s local seats, the county judge, a few candidates for state-wide and federal races, plus other sitting representatives. It was encouraging to see so many people take time out of their schedules to be involved in the party and learn about their candidates.

As the election draws near, we’ve been ramping up our block walking and sign distribution. Matt has had his fare share of early mornings and late nights meeting people for coffee throughout the district. It’s exciting and encouraging the number of like-minded people out there who are passionate about the country and want to get back to our Constitution.

If you’d like to meet some of them, come block-walk with us! It’s refreshing to meet fellow Republicans on the trail. Often we get the sense from the media that we’re outgunned and alone, but it’s not true. The country is turning, and we’re going to get back to our fundamental values.