Lies, Damned Lies, and The Iron Skirt

Sonja Harris has decided to use her blog to inform readers about all the wonderful things she thinks Lamar Smith is doing for the country—and to malign my campaign and call me a liar in the process. She starts her latest blog by calling Smith, “irreplaceable.” That is an un-American statement. George Washington thought himself to be replaceable and left office voluntarily after eight years. No one is irreplaceable. It is a citizens legislature. We don’t do kings, and we don’t do life peers.

So far in her blog, Sonja has accused me of lying without any elaboration. But judging from how she and her ilk have recently bombarded my Facebook page, it has to do with a law Mr. Smith co-sponsored that, according to Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, is having the consequence of giving the federal government the power to unconstitutionally take away the 2nd amendment rights of veterans and other citizens.

HR 2640, a bill Lamar Smith co-sponsored, is titled the NICS (the National Instant Criminal Background Check System) Improvement Amendment Act of 2007. It was dubbed by Gun Owners of America the “Veterans Disarmament Act” way back then. Gun Owners of America gave the law this nickname due to its codification of rules stripping the 2nd amendment rights of those who have been adjudicated to have mental health issues at some point in their lives, including PTSD. Yes, the bill seems innocuous on its face. But in practice it is the tool the Obama administration is using to strip citizens—veterans in particular—of their rights to own a gun.

Here are the facts:

1. Veterans are being stripped of their gun rights
2. This is happening without normal due process of a court trial
3. No one is suggesting that it is anything other than HR 2640
4. This was specifically warned about before the bill passed
5. Getting in bed with Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a bad idea, which has resulted in a very ugly baby. He may be proud of it because it’s his baby, but it’s still an ugly baby.

Do I believe Mr. Smith set out to disarm veterans? No (though I can’t say the same about Rahm Emanuel and Debbie Wasserman Schultz). I have never stated that Smith intended to. But, having served 20 years in Congress at the time, did he really not have the political judgment to question who he was getting in bed with on a bill? When you’re sponsoring a bill with Carolyn McCarthy, Rahm Emanuel, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and you’re the only Republican south of Delaware to do so, you might want to question why. This is one of the many reasons I believe in term limits—self-imposed or otherwise. You can’t stay in D.C. that long without losing your compass.

In Sonja’s piece, she directly asserts that I am a, “Libertarian masquerading as a Republican.” Hogwash. I’m a Republican. And I’ve always been one. Most Libertarians are atheists who are trying to make a religion out of a political philosophy. They aren’t for liberty. They’re just for anarchy. I believe in government. I believe in limited government as our founding fathers intended. Old fashioned things, like the 10th amendment that will restore power to Texas—and the rest of the Constitution to boot.

Interestingly, Sonja and her ilk have not commented on the veracity of the main messages of my campaign which include the debt explosion under Smith’s tenure in Congress, his lack of leadership—especially while head of the judiciary committee (think Eric Holder and the IRS)—the duality of his voting record, and the unintended consequences of his prize bills (a la SOPA).

Sonja continues her piece, lauding Smith’s record on the border and abortion. At the heart of the argument we’re having in this country over the border is this: Does it mean something to be a citizen or not? Does it mean something to be a nation or not? Mr. Smith has not been fighting as though nationhood and citizenship are at stake. Why do I assert this? Because there aren’t any results. We’ve gone from 3 million illegals to 13 million illegals in the 30 years that Smith has been in office. Sonja talks about the Congressional Border Security Caucus that Smith formed. And when did he form the Congressional Border Security Caucus? Election week last February. After 28 years in Congress, he arrived at this “solution” on an election day. Give me a break.

I make a living getting results for my clients. A congressman’s clients are his constituents. We are going to get the fence built. How? We’re going to do it by cutting off all financial flows to Mexico until they build it. We respect Mexico, her laws and borders; it’s time for them to respect us and ours. If we were really fighting we’d have a government shutdown until we had results. I’m willing to fight for results in Congress, and I’m willing to be judged by results, not by my intentions or a stack of bills I voted for.

Sonja implies that, while Smith is busy doing real work on abortion, I am attending pro-life rallies for “show.” Smith co-sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act—along with 184 other congressmen. This is leadership on the issue? It’s leadership from behind! Going with the conservative flow and having nothing to show for it after 30 years doesn’t do it for me.

My second-oldest brother heads the Pregnancy Care Center in San Antonio which I give money to. My oldest brother heads a Bible school in Comfort. I and my family are 100% pro-life. It is more than a political issue to me. If Sonja wants to imply otherwise, she can knock herself out, but her catty insinuations have no basis in reality. Through the years Lamar has given your money to Planned Parenthood by voting for budgets that approve those funds while I give my money to the Pregnancy Care Center. Who do you trust more to get something done on the issue?

Sonja promises to keep us updated with Mr. Smith’s comings and goings since he’s very busy figuring out how to keep John Boehner in power (I added that last part). Keep up with the tinkering on her blog if you like. But know that the substantive candidate isn’t too busy to engage you, the voter, and is ready to fight for your votes here in Texas CD-21 and for your values in Washington D.C.