What are the major issues for Texas and for this district that you will fight for in Congress?

I will fight to seal the border, save the unborn, preserve and expand the right to bear arms, grow the economy, strengthen the military, and enact sound foreign policy. These are the issues we face today as Texans and as Americans, and they are the issues that I will fight for in Congress.


How would you seal the border?

We need to build the wall. In addition to this, we must demand that Mexico respect our border. This can be done through economic sanctions. Illegal immigrants send a huge amount of money through Western Union and other means from the U.S. to Mexico. If we cut off that flow, in addition to other temporary sanctions, Mexico would be forced to seal the border and insist on legal immigration from its citizens.


Do you support Donald Trump?

Yes. I voted for Donald Trump, and I support his agenda. I support sealing our borders, repealing and replacing Obamacare, vetting immigrants, appointing Constitutional judges, strengthening the military, and ending political correctness so that we can get back to practical solutions for America. It takes a fighter to drain the swamp, and that’s what we’ve elected.


How will you fight for Life?

Life begins at conception.  I am 100% pro-Life.

I will never vote for any funding bills that fund abortion or Planned Parenthood in any way.

The Republican Party was created as the abolitionist party to fight and end the scourge of slavery in this country. We must now draw strength from that accomplishment and finish the job by ending the genocide of abortion.

I will introduce legislation declaring and proclaiming the fact that human life begins at conception, and that all human life deserves due process. Per Article III of the Constitution, part of this legislation will be to strip the judiciary of their right to review it. Congress has stripped the judiciary in this way many times in the past on other matters.


Do you believe in term limits?

Yes. I will only serve in the House of Representatives six years. I believe Congress is meant to be a citizens’ legislature where men and women bring their unique talents and experience to serve, and then go home. Congress is not meant to consist of professional politicians. I believe in term limits, and I intend to do my part to honor that conviction.


Are you from Texas?

Yes. I am a fifth generation Texan. I was born in Corpus Christi, and my family moved to Boerne when I was twelve. I was raised in and now permanently reside in Congressional District 21 where I am running for office. Aside from a brief stint in California while I was in college, I have lived in Boerne and San Antonio my whole life.


What do you do for a living?

I supply surgical products to the U.S. Military overseas. From Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany to the Naval Hospital on Guam, my focus for the last fifteen years has been taking care of our servicemen and women and their dependents around the world. I have been in the medical sales business for over twenty years, first as a regional representative in south-central Texas and now as the owner of McCall International Medical.


What should our immigration policy be?

Nationhood and citizenship fundamentally must mean something. I fully support President Trump in fighting for those things.

The Democrats have clearly demonstrated they believe nationhood and citizenship are old-fashioned notions that can be discarded whenever they want. They push for sanctuary cities where the laws of our nation are flagrantly ignored. They champion tax-payer benefits for illegals, thereby encouraging illegal immigration, not just turning a blind eye to it. Enough is enough. We must end providing sanctuary cities and tax-payer benefits to illegals, and we must get back to a place where immigration is encouraged for those who would come to our shores to build and contribute, not leech off the system.

I support legal immigration. We have a perfectly good path to citizenship, and it runs right through our embassies in Mexico City and Tegucigalpa. That is the only path I support. I do not support any new path to citizenship. Nor do I support amnesty.


Do you support the 2nd Amendment?

Yes. We need to expand gun rights.  The 2nd Amendment is about the prevention of tyranny.  Tyranny both of the government and the tyranny of evil individuals.  In Congress, I will work to get rid of gun-free zones.  It is our Constitutional right to protect our families, friends, students, and neighbors from madmen and terrorists who would inflict mass casualties on innocent people.


Do you support the military?

Yes. The military deserves a clear mission and the freedom and full support of Congress to accomplish it without being burdened by political correctness or wrangling over funding. Mission creep must end. I will do everything in my power to enact sound foreign policy so that our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines know what they’re fighting for and that their mission will not be in vain.


How would you conduct foreign policy?

America’s interests first. I support President Trump in withdrawing from the Iran nuclear proliferation deal, and I support the re-evaluation of our treaties and trade deals to determine if they are best for the American people.

I support Israel. I believe in keeping America’s word. All nations have interests, and it is from that common point of reference that we can conduct foreign policy with mutual respect and achieve common goals with other countries, but we must not conduct foreign policy through rose-colored glasses or wishful thinking. Nations do not have friends, they have interests, and we must practically evaluate other nations’ interests as well as our own to determine if they are compatible and then conduct our foreign policy honorably and with strength.


What should be done with healthcare?

We need to completely repeal Obamacare. Congress should send President Trump the same full repeal bill that they sent to President Obama years ago. Obamacare must then be replaced with a market-based system. Markets drive down costs and improve quality. If there is transparency in price, and consumers have skin in the game, markets will clear.


Are you a Christian?

Yes. I believe life is meant to be lived in intimate relationship with the Lord. I am not running to be pastor-in-chief, but I reject the notion that Christians should have to check their values at the cloakroom door.


Will you compromise your values in D.C.?

No. I don’t believe people change. When you send Louie Gohmert you’re going to get Louis Gohmert. When you send Trey Gowdy or Mike Lee that’s who you’re going to get. When you send a private citizen like me, a businessman, that’s who is going to represent you. I have not changed my message or philosophy in 5 years of campaigning, and I will not change in D.C. I know who I am, and I know where I’m from, and that’s not going to change.


What would you do to grow the economy?

80% of new jobs are created by small businesses. Small businesses need capital to start and grow. Citibank does not lend to the machine shop down the street in Boerne or to the foundry in Bulverde. It is small banks that lend to small businesses, and we have been crushing small banks.

It is no coincidence that we have had the lowest startup rate for new businesses after having wiped out our small bank base from 27,000 small banks to less than 7,000 nationally. We need to reinvigorate small banks so we can grow small business and create more jobs.


Do you support the oil and gas industry?

Yes. My father was a geologist, and I grew up in and around the industry and have been passionate about it my whole life. It’s time to end the burdens the federal government has placed on the development of our natural resources.

How do you feel about renewable energy?

I support a clean environment, clean air, clean water, and clean energy. Natural gas is the cleanest—and the most affordable—energy we have. We need to scrap all subsidies to renewable energy and promote natural gas.


Department of Education?

Scrap that too. Jimmy Carter gave us the Department of Education, and he was wrong.


How do you feel about teacher liberation?

I am completely for liberating teachers from all federal regulation. The Department of Education gives schools $10 of cash and $100 worth of regulation. If we get the government out of the way, Texas teachers will do a fine job on their own!



What’s your issue?

Let us know what issue you’d like Matt McCall to address!