Sex Secrets

In this article i’m going to share some sex secrets with you. These secrets are going to prove useful to you and your wife in the future.

If you are a man and you have been married for 2 years or more, then I’m sure you might already know some of the signs that your wife is cheating. Women are often terrible to their husbands when it comes to reading their nonverbal signals.

Oftentimes, a cheating spouse will resort to looking for sex elsewhere. What they fail to realize is that they are not actually cheating; they are just doing this to make themselves feel better. It’s cheating, but it’s very unlikely that your wife actually cheats on you (unless she wants to, most of the time).

So what are the signs your wife is cheating? Well the first thing to realise is that if she’s always working, then she most likely has a job and is earning some coin while she is at home.

Next you should realise that the penny has hardly dropped from her pedestal and it’s rather likely she wants to be closer to you and be spending time with you and the family.

Next you should realise that this is not an everyday thing. It is odd and strange for a woman to suddenly develop feelings for you and not tell you she is doing. She probably doesn’t intuitively know why.

And finally, just to clarify, I said “her eyes”. You saw them a few times, but they were reactive, not something you saw with your own eyes.

The good news is is – this rarely happens to you. Almost every time it is just her mind thinking “he is getting some” and it is unlikely you are the culprit. You just got lucky.

Warning: This behaviour is very much a red flag for a cheating spouse. If you see it happening, then things have gone too far and there is no going back. It is not uncommon for a man to cheat with his wife and for her to die from an heart attack or something of the sort before the marriage contract is broken.

Reason Number Two: She Is Miserable and Does Not Take You Seriously.

When a woman drinks, she will often tend to take you more seriously than you take her. Why is that?

It actually is quite strange, and you might not understand it. It is like a wave that just wash right across the ocean. In one second the wave will go away. So it is with the idea of a woman being totally devoted and focused on you in the bedroom.

To you, it is a warning sign to beware. The best advice is not to say “sober up” when things seem to be getting out of control in the bedroom.

Reason Number Three: She Is Simply Going Through The motions.

If you woman is going through the motions, it is a crying shame. She could be having sex with you to keep you happy, but the fact that she is not making an effort shows you she is simply a tool for you to find pleasure with.

The fact she comes to your place (or goes to one of the others) to show you she is useful to you is a big talking point among the cheating spouse. She is simply a woman and that fact should be undeniable.

That doesn’t mean you go buy flowers, candy, and chocolate just because she’s with you. You don’t have to do that. But the fact you are doing things like this is a big factor!