Raw Maca Powder

What is Raw Maca Powder?

Raw Maca Powder is a way of using Maca root to boost overall stamina, energy and libido. Made of pure raw Maca root, it has been dried and liquefied to make a powder. It has been shown to have significant hormone balancing properties. Maca root has been used by practitioners of all genders and ALL sexual habits, providing potent support that harnesses the full might of this superfood.

Raw Maca Powder has many of the same benefits as Maca root, but far more potent. As an example, Maca root has 7 times the potassium of an average banana, contains ten times the amount of calcium as whole milk, five times the vitamin A of an orange, five times the vitamin C as a carrot, and four times the nutrient chromium as a potato.

Maca root has also been used as a libido enhancer, and valuable aid to help people who have trouble with fertility, menopause, and symptoms associated with the menopause such as hot flashes.

What Makes Raw Maca Powder Different from Others types of Maca Powder?

Raw Maca Powder is unique in that it is one of the only Maca powders engineered to be 100% IVY®, which means that every single concentration of maca is retain in it, unlike all other Maca extracts. No other company knows how to make this stuff. 시알리스 가격 얼마? It only means that Raw Maca, Inc has the technology, and therefore the only company that makes IIFYAM (InternationalFoundation for Women’s Empowerment) Maca Powder.

How Has Raw Maca Powder Been Used?

Raw Maca Powder has received positive notices from both the scientific and medical community. Dr. occupy and Dr. enhiacence has performed studies using Raw Maca to treat test runners with BENZAL dilated blood cells, low sperm counts, menopausal symptoms, prostatitis, prostate inflammation, reducing alcohol cravings, and chronic energy deficit.

Dr. enhiacences shows raw maca powder has strong aphrodisiac properties. aphrodisiac herbs have been used for thousands of years to increase sexual desire, even thought many of the remedies used over that time were questionable. Like the other herbal aphrodisiacs, maca contains part of a plant enzyme that helps increase libido in both men and women.

Some of the other claimed benefits:

1- Increase in stamina, from 10pts to as high as 40pts in a short period of time.2- Increase in stamina due to an increase in nitric oxide production.3- Increase in increase in lactation, reproduction, and infant growth.4- IIFYAM maca, raw maca powder weight loss, and sense of well being.5- IIFYAM energy increasing properties, and improvement in high endurance endurance.6- IIFYAM increase in muscle and/or collagen formation.7- IIFYAM decrease or absence of negative symptoms8- IIFYAM increase in muscle and collagen formation, decrease in arthritis9- IIFYAM decrease or absence of prostate inflammation, which is a big problem for men today.10- IIFYAM increase in prostate inflammation, why is this important? It’s like giving energy to a person that is always running at full speed with the big fitness equipment.

The big take away from this is – Raw Maca Powder isocrates gergai – it’s a superfood.”