Hangover Cures

Hangover Cures

Hangover Cures : Is There a Ever Going To Be A Hangover Free Future?

Possibly one of the worst feelings in the world. 강직도 Waking up after a drinking session the night before with a splitting headache and yes you guessed it, dry, slurred speech. The effects of drinking are as debilitating as the hangover itself. One difference between fried chicken and beer is the recovery time. If your in the 1st stages of a hangover, drink a beer. Less rectifying damage will be done if you choose this route.

Hope For A Miracle

A possible cure to the hangover comes in the form of vitamins. Put 2,000mg of Vitamin B6 into a glass of water and drink. This will dehydrate and the hangover will be flushed out of your system. swallowing plenty of water will also help recovery.

offices with “no soda service after 5pm”

A reward system is in place to encourage responsible drinking. handing out wristbands with a picture of your last drink to those who are worthy. If you punish yourself by not drinking, no harm will be done.Reward yourself with a new outfit or some alcohol-free gum.

A Remedy for Grabs

Alcohol Addiction videos

Videolasts will be showing alcohol addiction videos at every break out. The messages in these videos say it like it is, “drink more water or get off the bottle”. The hidden message in these messages is that if you are addicted, you will do either. A successful remedy for a hangover is as simple as reach out and touch someone. The modern day and age of social networking, football finds itself in an alcoholic’s nightmare. The new found friend that you never noticed before, is now a fellow drinker. You wake up the next morning and all of a sudden you are doing dollar signs.

You are a likable idiot. This new friend will change your life around. The same person will also text you up some news or article and you are now the story as you are the catalyst for it. This is where The Hangover Bar comes in. It is a friendly drinking environment that will make you feel welcome and considerate to its patrons. Just remember to stay on the rails avoiding toxic environments and unsafe situations.

Remember life; only drink when you are ready to combat the coming down of alcohol. This is the same for your friend the night before. Remember it is much easier to prevent the morning after than it is in the morning. The Hangover Bar will be a great place to kick off the morning after. Take a cue from these new friends and remember; Practice makes perfect! You will feel great after a good hangover and will be ready to take the playing field by the day’s end.

So the next time you decide to pull a stunt with the boys or to just get drunken with your spouse, just remember one thing, to get that W on the floor and get back on that horse before you start hurting yourself. The hangover bar is a place to stay and a friend of yours will be happy to be there.