Baby Shower

Putting Together a Baby Shower

If there are any moments in the pregnancy journey that are going to be memorable for the mother-to-be, it’s the opportunity to celebrate and send a memento-dedicated baby drawing to her closest friends. A gift of a completely personalized scrapbook?

Another option? Making a custom baby gift basket. Here are the steps to doing it:

There are few gifts that will be as meaningful as the gift of a unique baby blanket. Why? Because the blanket will be used the earliest stage of the baby’s life to wrap him or her in warmth.

Choosing the perfect Baby Blanket.

The main thing to work for at this stage is the safety of the baby and his or her surroundings. Your choice of the fabric should be soft for the baby’s delicate skin, yet durable, for better durability.

Sizing the blanket according to size of your custom gift basket.

Just as important as choosing the right material is choosing the correct size of the baby blanket. The right size gives a feeling that the entire gift is complete.

Confirm with the mother-to-be when she is having her second or third child. You might find a good combination that will work. When ordering, just make sure to do it early and that it will leave the venue.

After choosing and ordering the baby blanket part, decide on & order the matching baby basket.

Then, shop for all the other really important needs that will transform your custom baby gift into a dazzling baby gift basket. This could include a variety of other handmade, but also high quality items such as personalized newborn baby shirts, tiny diaper pins, baby booties, baby socks or anything the mother might need for the baby. These items should be chosen with thought and care.

Sending the gift to the mother to be, personally or by mail, is the best way to go!

Choose the appropriate box for it which can probably be found at an online store for the right size.

Be sure to order a small box for the gift so that the bottle can fit inside.

Fill the box with a wide assortment of chocolates, small candies, the ever-popular baby lotion, a rubber ducky, baby wipes or soaps, a small teddy bear, and other baby essentials.

More Considerations:

Determine where the baby shower will be held and determine if it will have adequate space for the gift, which will then need to fit in..

Always know how big or small the shower is going to be before making the baby gift. Usually, if the baby shower is casual, a bigger gift is more appropriate, and will probably be in person. If it is a more serious occasion, the gifts can be modest.

Keep your focus on choosing the right size of the gift since it is the most important consideration. If you are unsure, go with something small or go for something bigger.

Add the tucked away stuff that you brought inside really neat:

A baby Alan Titchmarsh print of his favorite cartoon character

A book by a parenting or baby expert and a CD of sound tones for the mother or father (who is holding the baby) to practice their breathing exercises with baby.

Corners of the baby gift basket can be filled with a pair of swing cloths or a nice sleep sack for the baby to wear. Choose a trip to the baby designer crib bedding section. Toss in some small but comfortable and warm baby pajamas (with the baby’s name embroidered on them). For a complete change of wardrobe, add in a baby coat or jacket:

Whatever you do…be original! Choose unique wrapping paper or bags for the baby’s gifts that are sure to leave them speechless.

Tuck a baby teddy bear into the package.

Drape a shower curtain or other fabric over the front of the gift.

Pick the gift basket in shade or match it with another gift that is in a shades or theme.

Make it a long, flowing gift bouquet, which includes baby bottles, diapers, baby socks and comforters.

A present every new mom needs:

A soft, absorbent diaper-gift set!