Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Addicott, USA, Ret.

Jeffrey Addicott, a former Senior legal advisor to the US Army Special Forces, supports Matt McCall for Congress.  Matt McCall has a clear vision of the full range of threats to our national security and a demonstrated dedication to supporting and strengthening our military.”



Allan Parker, Individually. President, The Justice Foundation, San Antonio

“I support Matt McCall because of his strong stands on the Constitutional issues we face today – issues such as the right to life, the politics of sexual identity, the rule of law, respect for property rights and others.  In a crowded field I also respect the fact that he was willing to take on these Issues before it became easy and popular to do so.”



Lynn W. Wakefield, Col, USAF (ret)

“I met Matt seven years ago while I was working for the Dept. of the Air Force in Germany.  Our mutual acquaintance was the Neurosurgeon at Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center.  The Neurosurgeon told me that in his decades of practice, he had never before seen some of the head and boney spine injuries coming from the warzones—ever.

Matt would leave his hotel room at 3.00am, make the 170 mile round trip to Frankfurt Int’l Airport to receive specialty devices and products from the overnight flights, clear customs, and return to the Hospital for the neurosurgeon’s first case at 7.00am.  He made this trip too many times to count in direct support of our returning wounded warriors.  Through his dedicated and timely actions, dozens of severely wounded service personnel were able to ultimately see their parents, wives, children, and families back in the USA.  From years of this in-theater, hands-on, direct support to US military forces, he knows the value of a strong military, well supplied and well trained to protect and defend the National Security interests of the United States of America.”



Terri DuBose

State Republican Executive Committeewomen

Senate District 19, Real County

“Conservative values become mere words if the courage to fight for them is lacking.  Running twice against a long-time incumbent takes courage.  Matt McCall has lived in CD 21 most of his life and while campaigning has proven that no venue is beneath him – that’s the representation I want from my Congressman.  DC is full of unimpressive experience, but what is lacking is the heart to serve rather than self-serve.  I want my Congressman to state their willingness to serve on the Freedom Caucus and to self term-limit as righteous leaders were meant to do.  These are the reasons I endorse Matt McCall for US Congress in District 21.”



Al Poteet, Candidate, U.S. Congress

“During my recent campaign for CD-21 congressman, I got to know all of the candidates and saw first-hand that Matt McCall is a fighter, a straight-shooter, and a conservative Christian who will faithfully represent the people of the 21st District.  Having run against Matt McCall & the rest of the other 16 Republican candidates, I know Matt is far and away the best candidate to replace retiring Congressman Lamar Smith.

I’m for Matt McCall because, unlike his opponent, he lives and works in CD-21.  Matt is truly a standup guy who is not afraid to speak the truth and will “drain the swamp” in Washington.

As a combat veteran and former Deputy Assistant Secretary during the Reagan Administration, I am endorsing Matt because he is a man of determined courage with a strength of character his opponent does not possess.”



Joe Caddell

The Joshua Initiative, San Antonio

“I endorse Matt McCall’s election for Congressional District 21.

Matt and I have shared beliefs and frustrations regarding the political climate of our country for the last 3 years.  I have found him to be an absolute conservative in all matters fiscal and social.

More than agreement on these matters, Matt is more than willing to quickly stand and fight for those Judeo-Christian principles that built this land we live in, America.  We need Congressional leaders with that kind of fortitude and backbone.

There is one particular wisdom I garnered from Matt –when you have miss-judged, miss-stated, were flat wrong, or offended someone and you become aware of it, don’t just say you are sorry and move on, apologize and ask the offended individual for forgiveness, that’s harder, means a lot more and both parties may actually grow from it.

God Bless you Matt, indeed.”



Dale Adams, Boerne School Boardmember

“Why I Support Matt for Congress

First, Matt is a solid conservative who will fight for proper separation of powers as defined by the Constitution. He believes in the federal government being strong in its enumerated areas of jurisdiction (defense, world affairs, immigration, establishing a currency, setting standards, protecting Americans) but leave the rest to the States. I like that. It means I can lead my life as I see fit while being safe in the country I love.

Second, Matt does not promise to solve all my problems or give my handouts.   His reaction when I have asked him about an issue is usually “that is not a federal issue”. Matt has repeatedly said that most issues should be addressed at the State or local level or left to the people. Considering that the federal government has nosed its way into our lives to the point where people cannot even function without permission from some bureaucrat, I find it refreshing when someone tells me their office is not the place to go to address an issue.

Third, Matt is a moral man. While he does not spend time passing judgement on others, he believes everyone lives in a world defined by their morals. His Christian faith gives him a rock to guide his actions and bolster his fortitude when others say to change or give in to popular opinion. Matt also knows the difference between moral and legal actions. While our morality must guide all aspects of our lives, Matt has made it clear that there cannot be laws for every action we take.

Forth, Matt is a businessman. He has operated a successful global business that treats customers with respect and is financially responsible. Both those traits are sorely needed in Washington. We can elect all the conservatives we want but it won’t help if they don’t understand the basics of running a responsible organization. It’s not so much actually running the government (that is the Executive’s responsibility) but rather of understanding of how it is done so that the laws passed can function as intended. And laws run amuck are one of our biggest problems in Washington.

Fifth, Matt will be a citizen legislator. Matt’s life has been as an entrepreneur and now he wants to spend some time cleaning up our federal government. Once again, we can elect all the conservatives we want but it won’t help if they have not lived and worked in the real world with the rest of us. Conservatives who live in ivory towers are not that much better than liberals in ivory towers. We need people from our world to represent us in the morass of Washington.

Finally, Matt will support Trump in cleaning up Washington and getting our country back on its feet. Matt is a forthright and honest man who speaks his mind. Trump needs more of that and less of those who, “know how to manage the ways of Washington.” Personally I am tired of politicians (even conservative ones) who tell me everything I want to hear but then “must work within the system” to achieve “our goals”. I want someone who is civil but forceful. I want someone who understands but thinks outside the box. That person is Matt.

So, if you want:

Someone who will tell it to you straight
Work forcefully on what he says he will
Not be afraid of what others say
Find novel solutions to our problems
Keep a solid moral base
Stick to the enumerated issues
Use his pitchfork to drain the swamp
join me in supporting Matt McCall for Congress in 2018.”



Susan Dantzler, Fredericksburg Tea Party

“Matt McCall has my endorsement and support because his actions reflect his words. Matt is a man of convictions and faith. He is a man that I can trust to honor God in all he does. He will defend the life of the unborn as well as life at its end stages. Matt understands the limited powers of government. I trust him to shrink the size and reach of the federal government and not grow it. He understands the struggles of small family businesses. Matt McCall has my support first and foremost because this country needs God fearing folks in public office.”


Words of Support

“Matt McCall is a good friend and a man of high character. I came to know Matt several years ago before I decided to run for office. He is a passionate conservative who is insightful and incisive when it comes to the issues and finding solutions to move Texas conservative values forward.

I was inspired to run for office in part because of Matt McCall. To see a private citizen, a businessman like myself, speak confidently on the issues we’re facing here in Texas and in America and to see him then try to do something about it by personally taking on the challenge of running for office inspired me to take up the fight for our shared conservative values. In addition, I’m grateful to Matt for his help and advice he gave me during my first term in the Texas House. Matt McCall is a man of principle and courage and I am proud to call him my friend.”

Kyle Biedermann

Texas State Representative, District 73

“Matt McCall has earned my vote.  His commitment to fighting for our values was demonstrated well before it was popular to run for Congressional District 21.  Matt understands the urgency to secure our border and move conservative values forward.  He fought to do so with tenacity in 2014, and 2016, and he earned my vote both times.  I am refreshed and thankful for Matt McCall’s consistent message and unwavering passion for the Constitution of the United States of America. On March 6, I will proudly vote again for Matt McCall to represent me in Congressional District 21.”

Hilory Parker, Fredericksburg

“My name is Joe Cheben and I live in Cordillera Ranch just outside Boerne, Texas.  I’ve known Matt McCall for about 5 years and I consider Matt a very good friend. Besides being a great guy and a joy to talk to, he’s just a solid, reliable person.  His personal life is rooted in his Christian beliefs and his political views are grounded in the Constitution. What I respect most of all is his consistency.  I can have a conversation with Matt today and he will give me the same arguments and views 6 months from now.  He’s not the kind of person who sticks his finger in the wind to determine what the latest political trends are.  He has thought a lot about all the current issues our local area, our state and our nation face and he has very logical positions on all of them.  He would make a great representative in the US Congress.”

Joe Cheben, Kendall County

“I’ve known, worked for, and grown to admire Matt McCall over the past 6 years. His steady, principled character and his passion for our country glow prominently in every conversation. Not only is Matt a remarkably sincere and conscientious individual, he also maintains a constant upward climb to better himself and his community. I’m not looking to vote for a politician; I want to support someone I know and trust. Someone who doesn’t just say all the right things, but a man who keeps his word and is fair to all. We need a Congressman who represents his constituents, not just his political buddies, and who will not back down from fighting for the fundamental truths that our beautiful country was founded on.”

Anna Richter, Boerne

“I have known Matt McCall for just about 8 years. He has been a true and trusted friend for all those years. I am excited again that he is running for office in our U.S. House of Representatives. Matt holds true to our values brought forth by our Founding Fathers over 200 years ago. He is a staunch Christian conservative and has the courage and drive to stand up for the Greatness of our Country. He is forthright in his ideas and philosophies.

I sincerely hope that you will vote for Matt in the up- coming primary election. We need to send Matt to Washington to fire up the Republican party in Congress.

For Strength, Freedom and Liberty”
David Judson, Comal County

“I support Matt McCall for Congress for the following reasons:

  1. I believe Matt McCall supports Immigration Reform; i.e. secure border including a wall, required use of E-Verify, no DACA amnesty, end of chain migration, no lottery migration & halting or greatly reducing legal migration until the legal aliens are assimilated into our culture.
  2. I believe Matt McCall will work with & support Attorney General Sessions to prosecute government officials who refuse to obey Federal law & work with federal law enforcement in the deportation of criminal illegal aliens through Sanctuary States, County’s, & Cities.
  3. I believe Matt McCall supports President Trumps economic programs of reduced government regulation, reduced taxes, abolishing Department of Education, and reducing the overall size of the Federal Government considerably.
  4. I believe Matt McCall intends to go to  Washington for a specific job of reducing federal government impact on our daily lives.  When the job is complete, or his 6 years of service is over, he will return to Texas and again become an ordinary citizen, not become a career politician or lobbyist.

There are so many reasons to support a man of character & vision.  Most notably, our country needs Patriots now more than ever.”

Allen Johnson, Kerrville